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We can help you to fix and rebuild your equipment for longer execution and reliable performance. We can help you to provide you emergency service for your smooth and non-stop production environment

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We always provide free evaluation for your equipment with estimate of repair cost. We do extensive evaluation not only found the problem but make sure that your equipment comeback in full strength.


All equipments repaired at ACON comes with 12 months complete warranty.

Servo Motor Repair
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Industrial Electronics Repair
Search By Brand / Manufacturer
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Siemens , Indramat, Fanuc & Allen Bradley Servo Motor Repair Facility For Canada - USA

ACON Industrial Servo & Controls Repair Inc. is the leading independent is a leading Industrial Servo Motor Repair company in USA and Canada with state of the art servo repair facility. We have certified Servo Motor Technicians of all manufacturers to Repair your Servo Motor. We offer complete repair (rewind and reconditioning) of most Servo Motor Brands in USA and Canada. Our customized test fixtures allow us to identify, troubleshoot and repair your motor quickly and cost effectively. Unlike many other shops, we do all repair in-house for rapid turnaround times and optimum quality control. We carry out over 2000 servo motor repairs a year from our dedicated servo motor repair facility where we can prove to fully load test servo motors after repair. Our load test center produces both static and dynamic loads up to 60Nm to fully test the power a servo motor can deliver.We are continually investing in test equipment as we see new and more complex types of servo motor coming to us each month. Don’t just take our word for it, we welcome you to visit and see our flagship service.

Why use ACON for your Servo Drive or Servo Motor Repair needs in Canada or USA

Simply, we know what we are doing, with ongoing investment in our capability and skills; we are the leading experts in Canada, a professional, established company, proud of our staff, facility, reputation & achievements.

ANY Items received by ACON Inc. will never be out source to any third party electronic repair company so that we are completely responsible for the quality of your repair.

One question that always is asked by maintenance Managers is whether to replace or repair a unit, our answer is always simple, repair the unit. In most cases it will not only reduce the machinery maintenance costs, but also decrease your factory down time.

  1. Free Estimates – No Surprises (Free Shipping for Toronto, Mississauga, Woodbridge, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Concord, Scarborough customers.
  2. 24 Hours call centre to repair your Servo motors and Servo Drives in USA or Canada.
  3. IAR has a large stock of spare parts for all major Servo Motors and Servo Drives.
  4. State of art Testing Facility
  5. All work is done in house

Industrial Automation Repair Inc. is pleased to offer you our best services in the following:

- Servo drive repair - Encoder Repair
- Spindle Motor Rebuild - Amature Rewind
- Electric Actuator - Repair
- Printing Press Repair - PCB Board Repair
- Traction Motor Repair - AC/DC Drive Repair
- Siemens - Motor Repair
- Servo Valve Repair - Stamping
- Press Repair - Monitor Repair
- Indramat - Control Repair
- PLC Repair - Robot Welder
- Repair - Indramat Servo Repair
- Elevator Motor - Repair
- Yaskawa Motor Repair - MTS Servo Motor
- Repair - Servo Motor Repair Shop
- Servo drive Repair Shop  

We service motor and Drive brands including Vicker, Lenze, Kuka, Pacific Valve, Scientific Valve, Okuma, ABB, Moog, Allen Bradley, Kollmorgen, Emerson, Sanyo, Mazak, Giddings & Lewis, Fadal, Mori Seiki, Matsuura, Haas, Toyoda, Makino, Aida, Denki Electronics, Baumuller, ElectroCraft, SEW, SEM, Parvex, Elau, Bosch, Nachi, Panasonic, Rexroth, Exlar

Siemens Servo Drive Repair, Siemens Sinamics Drive Repair, Siemens Simovert Drive Repair, Siemens DC Drive Repair, Siemens Simu Drive Repair, Siemens LT Module Repair, Siemens 6SN1145 Drive Repair, Siemens Spindle Drive Repair, Siemens 840D Controller Repair, Siemens 840C Controller Repair, Siemens 840 Controller Repair, Siemens Controller 6SN1118 Repair, Siemens Controller Card Repair, Siemens Encoder Repair, Siemens encoder ERN1387, Siemens Encoder EQN1325, Siemens Encoder EQI1325, Siemens Servo Motor Repair, Siemens Servo Repair, Siemens 1FK6 Servo Repair, Siemens 1FK7 Servo Repair, Siemens 1FT5 Servo Motor Repair, Siemens 1HU5 DC Servo Repair, Indramat Digital Controller Repair, Indramat HDS drive Repair, Indramat DKS drive Repair, Indramat HDD drive Repair, Indramat HVE Power Supply Repair, Indramat DKC Drive Repair, Indramat TDA Drive Repair, Indramat PPC controller Repair, Indramat TDM Controller Repair, Indramat KDA Drive Repair, Indramat RAC Drive Repair, Indramat DKR Drive Repair, Indramat ECO Drive Repair, Indramat HZK Drive Repair, Indramat CDM Drive Repair, Indramat DDS2.1 Drive Repair, Indramat DDS2.2 Drive Repair, Indramat DDS Drive Repair, Indramat HVR Power Supply Repair, Indramat KDA Drive Repair and Indramat PCB Board Repair, Indramat MDD Servo Motor Repair, Indramat Servo Repair, Indramat MSK Servo Repair, Indramat MAC Servo Repair, Indramat MHD Servo Repair, Indramat MKD Servo Repair, Indramat 2AD Spindle Repair, Indramat DSF Digital Encoder Repair, Bosch Rexroth Servo Repair, Allen Bradley Servo Drive Repair, Allen Bradley Servo Repair, Allen Bradley MPL Servo Repair, Allen Bradley Kinetic Drive Repair, Allen Bradley Drive Repair, Allen Bradley Panel View Repair, Allen Bradley PLC Repair, Allen Bradley Controller Repair, Yaskawa Servo Motor Repair , Yaskawa Drive Repair, Kollmorgan Servo Drive Repair, Kollmorgan Servo Motor Repair, Fanuc Servo Drive Repair, Fanuc Servo Motor Repair, Fanuc Power Supply Repair, Fanuc Controller Repair, Parker Servo Drive Repair, Parker Servo Motor Repair, Heidenhain Encoder Repair, Yaskawa USAREM Servo Repair, Yaskawa SGM Servo Repair, Yaskawa SGDA Servo Repair, Yaskawa CIMR Drive Repair, Yaskawa SGMGH Servo Repair, Yaskawa USASEM Servo repair, Yaskawa SGMAH Servo Repair, Yaskawa SGMP Servo repair, Yaskawa USAGED Servo Repair, Yaskawa USAFED Servo Repair, Yaskawa SGMAJ Servo Repair, Yaskawa SGMD Servo Repair, Servo Motor Repair Shop, Siemens Servo Repair Shop, Indramat Motor Repair Shop

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